Enable data-driven decision-making through marketing data automation

We are proud to partner with TapClicks as our preferred data automation solution.

Integrating our customers’ data into TapClicks saves up to 70% of our analysts time so we can focus on answering critical business questions in a timely fashion.

TapClicks allows us to get a full end-to-end view of our customers data through easy integrations and automations. Their highly customisable dashboard brings our customers’ data to life, while enabling us to tell the data story in a visual way.

TapClicks helps our customers save time and focus on what really matters to them - delivering excellent marketing campaigns, while enabling us to find the actionable insights to inform how they can increase their effectiveness.

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Have all your data in one place

Have all your data in one place

With 100+ connectors already built-in, plus the ability to connect directly to API, you never have to worry about missing data. Integrating all your data into a singular place can save you up to 10 hours a month on manual data downloads.

Your data is also securely hosted and can even be exported to your other BI systems like Data Studio or Tableau

Keep on top of KPIs and trends

Keep on top of KPIs and trends

Have real-time access to all your KPIs across all of your marketing activities. Understand which campaigns across which channels are performing best. Tweak campaigns that aren't driving desired results to prevent unnecessary budget losses.

Deep-dive into trends to uncover new opportunities or emerging markets. Create multiple dashboards for your stakeholders or clients to showcase your campaign results.

Automate reports

Automate reports

Save time by scheduling your reports to be sent when you want it and never miss a deadline again.

This feature is especially helpful to agencies with multiple clients who can ensure they have everything they need, on time, every month.

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