Who we are

We’re a multi-disciplinary team with a shared passion for understanding your customers.

Our team is made up of researchers, analysts, strategists, consultants, data scientists, marketeers & engineers. We cover every technical capability required to fully support your end-to-end marketing technology needs. Great technologies are our tools, but understanding your customers' thoughts, hopes, dreams and behaviours, is our secret sauce.
We are known for our passion in what we do. This is the grounding that allows us to fully engross ourselves in projects and why we are often told that "there's just something about you that's different". We deliver our insights in the form of data stories, so it's easy for the audience to understand the 'so what'.
We are problem solvers that seek optimal solutions tailored to your business, that will scale as you scale. We listen and fully understand where you are at and how we can help you along your journey to embed data as a core driver of decisions.

Our people

  • Tania Benade-Meyer - Analytics & Insights Director

    Tania Benade-Meyer

    Analytics & Insights Director

    Tania is a data analyst with a rare skill set. She has the ability to find meaningful connections between seemingly disparate datapoints.

    Although she started her career as an actuarial analyst, she soon ventured into the world of data analytics, and has gained experience across multiple industries and a wide range of disciplines, including Business Intelligence, Data Integrations, Quantitative Research and Unstructured Data Analytics.

    She has the ability to communicate complex solutions in easy-to-understand ways. She’s worked at executive level across both small and large organisations, including Tier 1 banks.

    She's extremely passionate about what she does and loves to solve problems creatively.

  • Jim Harrigan - Business Development Director

    Jim Harrigan

    Business Development Director

    Jim is a proven solutions led sales leader, experienced in cultivating successful partnerships with Enterprise Organizations, Channel/Technology Partners and SMEs across EMEA.

    He takes great pride in providing solutions which elevate customer experience and loyalty, improve business processes, reduce operational costs and increase organizational performance.

    He offers the unique ability to build long term, loyal relationships by quickly understanding the drivers of the customer, and strategically separating the important information from the distractions.

  • Zandri White - Customer Success Manager

    Zandri White

    Customer Success Manager

    Zandri White, from South Africa, recently relocated to the Isles of Scilly, UK.

    She is a Customer Success Manager for Unstructured with over five years’ experience in customer support roles and project management. She is a qualified conservationist and was a safari guide by trade but now a florist and solutions specialist by day.

    Having work in varied and diverse industries she comes equipped with a deep understanding of customer satisfaction and occupational psychology. She finds fulfilment for her enquiring mind by problem solving and streamlining work solutions for the people like her, who are on the move and like to tick boxes.

  • Rob Meyer - Solutions Director

    Rob Meyer

    Solutions Director

    Rob is a creative problem solver who is always looking to improve the way that things get done. He gets incredible job satisfaction from delivering real change within the organisations he works with.

    He has experience in technology across multiple industries (Fintech, Cyber Security, Construction Technology and Communications) and worked for start ups through to Fortune 500 companies.

    His super power is building relationships with project stakeholders and understanding their needs to effectively translate them into solutions which help reduce the pains of every day grunt work.

  • Chrysi Gontikaki - Operations Manager & Solutions Specialist

    Chrysi Gontikaki

    Operations Manager & Solutions Specialist

    Having studied Business Management with Marketing in Greece and having worked in various industries (Health, Music and Retail) in both Greece and the UK, Chrysi has shaped up to be a person easy to adjust to different demands and catering for various needs in diverse work environments and companies.

    With a passion for organisation and getting things right in the most concise way, combined with a friendly and caring approach, she's there to help. Whether it is a start-up company or an established one, she believes there are opportunities to improve everyday processes and make work life seamless and clear for everyone involved.

  • Nicole Vergos - Senior Research Manager

    Nicole Vergos

    Senior Research Manager

    Nicole specialises in Quantitative consumer insights and has worked across a range of industries, including FMCG, Beauty, Automotive, Telecommunications and Sports. Over the years, Nicole has gained valuable experience executing segmentation, custom U&A, shopper behaviour, brand health and conjoint studies.

    In 2019, Nicole won the top prize of 'Most Impactful Presentation' at SAMRA (South African Market Research Association) for her research paper among people with disabilities and what steps companies can take to be more accessible. She continues to do work in this space and aims to raise awareness and shift mindsets on disability.

    Nicole has a curious nature and is always open to learning new things. She has developed strong analytical skills and enjoys bringing data to life through creative storytelling.

  • Yolande Smit - Solutions Sales Specialist

    Yolande Smit

    Solutions Sales Specialist

    Yolande specialises in connecting individuals and businesses with opportunities with a strong focus on relationship building.

    With her keen problem-solving skills, she has been able to deliver optimal partnership outcomes. Yolande’s analytical approach to any challenge and opportunity has been the secret sauce to success in her years of experience throughout various industries. The thrill of finding that perfect solution for all stakeholders is what gets her up in the morning.

    When not applying her analytical and problem-solving skills at work, Yolande loves to spend her free time learning to code.