Marketing Management

All your marketing planning

Manage your marketing operations in one place to reduce bottlenecks and execute on time

Planning a campaign involves multiple teams, assets, timelines, adjustments, meetings and approvals across various channels.

Using our Marketing Management solution you will:

  • Increase your campaign ROI
  • Have capacity to launch more campaigns
  • Reduce the time spend in meetings and calls
  • Optimise faster
  • Eliminate friction across teams
  • Deliver campaigns on time
Asset management

Asset management

  • Manage all your assets in one place and share them across your team.
  • Get notified when a new asset is complete
  • Give feedback on changes required
Campaign planning

Campaign planning

  • Have a complete end-to-end view of your campaign timeline
  • Identify where the blockers are and resolve them
  • Automate reminders to increase approval time
  • Follow up on outstanding items
Measure results

Measure results

  • Track campaign performance and automatically get alerted when CPC increases above a threshold
  • Compare campaigns to understand which content performs best across your channels and audiences

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